New Years Day Walk

Not such an early start this morning – thank God! I was so excited to get down to the yard to take Rupert for his first ever hack along Norfolk’s Golden sands!

He was so good on the road and made it past the horse-eating-daffodil (Skys words, not mine!) he was a bit cautious of the sand at first but soon settled on to it and grew to about 16hh. We didn’t go near the sea on this occasion because I don’t think he would have liked it! We had a little trot, and an unplanned sideways canter, obviously practising a new dressage move! Back home we came and to say I was proud would be an understatement! Having done and seen so many different things in such a short space of time he handled them all like such a good boy. I can’t wait to get down there more, especially as the weather gets better.

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