A Day Out At Strumpshaw

Was a relatively early start, especially for a Sunday! I made sure I got there with plenty of time for Rupert to have his breakfast and get sky settled in her stable for the day. I got Rupert packed up and loaded up in the trailer. He always makes me laugh when loading, he goes straight on, and then always wants to share his hay with the horse he’s in there with. We made our way over to Strumpshaw which takes about an hour with a trailer.

When we got there, I gave Rupert a good brush while his friend rose was competing in the dressage competition that was on. He made sure to whinny at every single horse that went past, he likes to say hello and let everyone know he’s there.

Once Rose was done, I got Rupert tacked up and we set out onto the trail they have there. It was so nice to go through the woods because it was a hot day, so was nice to get in the shade for a bit. After walking around for a bit, we found a couple of cross-country jumps and I had to have a go! He’s never seen them before, but he loves jumping so I knew he’d be ok with them.

He absolutely loved it!! We went over a few different ones but couldn’t do too many because it was so hot, and I didn’t want him getting too hot before having to go in the trailer home. After about an hour we made our way back, he was just as forward as when we left, obviously excited from doing the jumps. He again whinnied at every horse we passed, as if he was telling them what a good boy he had been.

We threw a couple of buckets of water over them before loading up and heading home. We obviously had to stop on the way home for a McDonalds because there was no burger van at the show, and you haven’t really been out if you haven’t had a burger.

We got everything unloaded and I put Rupert and sky out in the field. He was very tired the next day and I got sent a picture of him snoring away in his stable.

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