Catching up – a realistic journal of a day at the yard

Relatively early start for a Saturday. We wanted to get up there early because we needed to fix his fence. He broke out every single day I was away on holiday!

I wore my grey leggings, 1/4 zip and my paddock ponchos kept at the yard. It was quite mild though and I was actually warm enough without the poncho which was nice, especially for February.

So I wanted to take the lot down and start all over again. So up we went, manned with 600 metres of electric tape, a drill and some insulators. For those of you who think cobs are easy, don’t talk to me! We took all the old fencing down and worked our way around making sure that it all lined up nicely and that none of it was touching the wood.

First job of the day done!

Next job was mucking out, this is something I always take a little bit more time on at the weekend, so I got out all the wee, and added a load more straw, also out his hay in to soak and cleaned and filled his water.

Then over to the hay, if nearly run out so wanted to get the nets as full as possible to make space for another bale. It’s never as low as you think! I filled ten hay nets, his hay cube and two hay balls! And there was still some left over!

I then spent an hour doing a couple of bits like topping up my feed bins, having a sweep and a wipe down. By this time I was already stressing that a certain Coblet was going to bring himself in, so I decided to go and get him and spend a bit of time washing his legs and giving him a groom.

He thoroughly enjoyed the company and even stood still to have his legs washed, which is not like him! After his wash I put him in his stable and went to get something for lunch, it was 3:30 by now and I was starving!!

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