Badminton 2024

What a week…!

We’re now back from our first ever Badminton, it has been the most amazing experience! We have met some of the most incredible people, some amazing contacts for the future and me and mum spent a week together without falling out!

It was the journey from hell driving up there, what should have taken just under 4 hours took us over 6! As well as unpacking and setting up ready for the morning, I don’t think we left until 10pm!

We stayed in the cutest little shepherd’s hut about half an hour away which was just ideal and I would not hesitate to stay again, it was so well equipped and even had a hot tub, we definitely lived it up at Badminton!

Also, Jockey and Jill is now global! We sold to someone from Dubai, someone from Germany and someone from the Netherlands! And my favourite part was when they bought some bits on one day and came back a few days later because they loved them so much they wanted more! Its moments like that that just make all the hard work worth it.

Badminton 2024 Jockey and Jill

I was opposite the lovely Grace and her family who have Tors Equestrian, I’m sure if you follow our social media, you’ll see we had a giveaway together, I am obsessed with the tack balm, and the jot oil makes Rupert smell amazing! Not to mention the effectiveness of the fly balm, which smells amazing and doesn’t damage Rupert’s sensitive skin! We have some exciting things planned for the future!

But the person I was most excited to meet was Ivy from @jumpingwithivy.Ivy was just the cutest, most polite little girl and she was such a joy to speak to. Her parents were also the most down to earth people, and we had a chat for a while just about how surreal it all was being at Badminton and the attention that they have got from their videos. If you ever need a confidence boost with your riding, you just need to watch a few of their TikTok videos.

We, also had the launch of our new Udderly Chic Hat silk! Which was delivered to us through the power of social media… or just me and my dad trying to figure out this TikTok stuff!

Overall, it was the best time and we can’t wait to go again!

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